A downloadable game for Windows

I created this game with the intention of it being pretty unfair and extremely difficult. Take this into account if leaving feedback. It is very likely to cause some rage. I hope you enjoy! :)

- Ethan

Install instructions

Extract the '.7z' file using any ZIP extractor. 

After extracting, launch the 'FYLexe' executable file and you're good to go!


FYLexe.7z 78 MB
FYL.EXE_early-1.15.zip 111 MB


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This game is very hard, and you feel really happy when you finally beat a level. It is a little too hard though. For example, the 3rd level is nearly impossible because the player does not jump fast enough.

hi, big thx for the game :) it's so crazy and hard but i love it :) greetings from germany

Hey! I see that you were stuck on the 2nd level. The trick with the spikes is timing. There are 10 levels in total so it sucks that you didn't get to see the rest but I'm glad you like it. :)